Google Home doesn’t work: free replacement arrives

Google has found a solution for all users who found themselves with the Google Home broken by the update: it will be replaced for free

Google has rushed to the remedy. A few days ago we told you about the firmware update that knocked out some Google Home and Google Home Mini making them unusable. The Mountain View company has been looking for a software-side solution, developing a fix that would fix the problem. But apparently there is no solution. So Google has decided to replace for free the smart speakers rendered unusable by the latest update.

Already since mid-September, users who downloaded the new software had noticed how Big G's digital assistants ignored every single command given, remaining inactive despite being turned on with fully functioning LEDs. A few managed to unlock the device by simply restarting it or restoring the factory settings, while for most users there was nothing to do.

Google Home and Google Home Mini don't work? Google replaces them

Most of the anomalies were found on the Google Home and Google Home Mini, which is normal, as they are the two smart speakers of the Californian company most popular in our homes. Immediately contacted by users, the men of the official technical support staff of Mountain View, have confirmed the presence of the problem and said they are already working to solve it. Solution that, however, has not been found. And Google has decided to intervene in another way, replacing free of charge all smart speakers damaged by the software update.

The Californian company has published a statement on the site 9t05Google with which he said officially to proceed with the free replacement of all Google Home devices and Google Home Mini became unusable after installing the latest firmware update. This is what Big G stated: "We are aware that a limited number of Google Home and Google Home Mini devices are affected by an issue that causes the device itself to stop working. We have a solution that will prevent the issue from occurring and will be released soon. We are in the process of replacing the affected devices."