Google Home, latest update makes it unusable

Some Google Home and Home Mini models are stuck after automatic firmware updates. Google still looking for a solution

Like all smartphones, smart speakers are updated several times throughout the year. But all this usually happens without the user having to do anything and without even knowing it. In some cases, however, this doesn't work as it should, and in recent weeks, a firmware update has literally broken many Google Home and Google Home Mini.

The problem dates back to an update in late September, but Google still hasn't found any solution. The Mountain View company admits the problem, says it's limited to only some devices, says a solution will come, but also specifies that it won't be easy to find it because it's not a universal problem but only of some specific Home and Home Mini. But the worst thing is that, apparently, for some devices affected by this malfunction the solution will never come. And if the smart speaker is already out of warranty, then Google might not even replace it despite having caused its breakage.

Google Home doesn't work: what's going on

The malfunction reported by users, both on Google's official forum and on Reddit, is always the same: after the firmware update (which on Google Home and Home Mini happens automatically overnight) the device reboots and remains with all LEDs fixed on white light. The smart speker no longer responds to any command and, in many cases but not always, it is not enough to reset the device to bring it back to work.

Some users, in fact, have tried to solve the problem by doing a "factory reset" of the device, pressing the appropriate button under the power cord for at least 15 seconds. Google Assistant responded that restoring the device to factory conditions happened, but the device didn't start working again. The smart speaker, therefore, due to an official update not requested by the user (and not even avoidable) broke itself.

Google's response

On September 28, Google publicly admitted the problem through a response given by an employee within the official forum: "A team is working on this issue to find the cause, because not all Google Home devices are affected." The problem, however, is that almost a month later there has been no further communication and the affected Google Home and Home mini are still there, broken and waiting for a solution that doesn't seem to be coming anymore.