Google: how to make the red shoes of The Wizard of Oz appear

Google celebrates 80 years of The Wizard of Oz with a surprise hidden in the search engine: here's how to make the red shoes appear

The Wizard of Oz celebrates 80 years: it was 1939 when the film directed by Victor Fleming was released in the United States. A film that marked an era and considered by many one of the most beautiful ever released on the big screen. One of the symbols of the film are the red shoes that the young Dorothy (played by Judy Garland) wears at the end of the film after defeating the Witch of the East. Google wanted to celebrate the 80th anniversary of The Wizard of Oz by hiding an easter egg within the search engine.

When you search for "The Wizard of Oz" on Google Search, the classic page with the search results will appear. On the right, there is a tab dedicated to the movie with the main information: release date, director, year of release and platforms where you can buy the movie. Next to the name there are also the red shoes, the true icons of the film. The shoes are interactive: pressing them changes the user interface of Google and there is also a surprise for fans of The Wizard of Oz.

Google celebrates 80 years of The Wizard of Oz

It is certainly not the first time that Google celebrates a great movie with a surprise hidden within the search engine (it had already happened to Avengers: The Endgame). This time it was the turn of The Wizard of Oz, which celebrates 80 years since the release of the film shot by Victor Fleming.

Searching for the film on Google, a tab appears on the left with a summary of the main news. Next to the name of the movie there are red shoes: click on them and you'll hear the voice of young Dorothy saying "There's no place like home" and the Google page will become monochromatic, with a yellowish background.

Once the transformation is done, instead of the red shoes you'll find a tornado that will allow you to return to the classic Google user interface. The tornado is also one of the iconic elements of The Wizard of Oz: click it and you'll hear Dorothy's voice calling her Aunt Em while the tornado is taking her from one world to another.

The Google easter egg has been active since Thursday and will be available for a few more days: so hurry up and try it out.