Google launches Frida Kahlo exhibition. How to visit it online

Through its Google and Culture app, Big G is launching a solo exhibition dedicated to Mexican artist Frida Khalo. Here's how to visit it

Art lovers? Google is working for you. The American computer giant is in fact launching a personal exhibition on Frida Kahlo, which can be visited completely online. The exhibition is called Faces of Frida and is available for free through the Google Arts and Culture application.

This is the largest digital collection,  of artifacts and works of art, ever collected on the famous Mexican artist. To bring together more than 800 works on Frida Kahlo, Google had to work with 33 museums in seven different countries. In addition, to "set up" its own online exhibition on Frida, Google listened to the opinions of many of the world's leading art critics. But how can an online exhibition be made accessible? Simple, Mountain View has taken photos of the various works of the Mexican artist with a very high quality camera. All the photos were then uploaded to the aforementioned Google Arts and Culture app where users can zoom in on each painting to better appreciate the details, colors and brushstrokes.

Faces of Frida, the Google exhibition on Frida Khalo

In addition to the works of the Mexican artist on Faces of Frida we can find several tributes to the life of Frida Kahlo. For example, on the Google Arts and Culture app we'll find photos of the places where the painter grew up and received her artistic training. But also comments from critics and historians. But the real gem of Faces of Frida, which will make fans of the Mexican painter very happy, are the works from private collections. On Google's exhibition dedicated to Frida Kahlo we will find paintings and sketches kept in private museums and even initial drawings of paintings never shown before.

How to visit Google's exhibition online

How do we visit Google's Frida Kahlo exhibition? Simple, we take our smartphone and go to the App Store or Google Play Store. Alternatively, we can connect from our computer to the official website Once the app is launched (or once connected to the portal of the initiative) we scroll through the list of the latest initiatives and in the foreground we will find the exhibition Faces of Frida. Let's go in and enjoy the exhibition for free.