Google launches YouTube Go: the app for watching offline videos

The app, launched in India and designed for developing countries, allows you to save videos on your device and watch them whenever you want

Google looks to the East and does so by launching YouTube Go, a revised version of the famous video streaming portal purchased by Big G in 2006 dedicated to developing countries. Thanks to the new features, you can watch videos offline.

The revolution starts from India. During the latest event organized by Google in New Delhi for the launch of new products dedicated to the Indian market, the Mountain View company also presented YouTube Go, an application designed specifically for Third World countries where Internet connection is still very slow. With this move, Google is winking at hundreds of millions of Indian Internet users, hoping to gain new market share and surpass one billion daily active users on the video streaming platform.

How YouTube Go Works

The application allows users to download YouTube videos and watch them offline. In addition, the download is optimized to consume as little Internet data as possible from your rate plan. The videos are played in low quality and can be shared with friends without consuming the data line. The application was developed specifically for the younger generation in India, who are increasingly looking for good quality videos. At the moment the service is active only in India and users can already sign up to download the beta version of the application. In the near future YouTube Go will be launched in all developing countries, so that the platform can be enjoyed worldwide without any connection problems.