Google Maps, comes chat to contact businesses

Google is updating its popular maps app to allow users to chat with businesses near them and receive information

Chats, by now, are just about everywhere. Soon, for example, they should make their debut in Google Maps as well. According to some rumors, in fact, within the digital mapping app developed by Big G should soon be inserted a small messaging platform accessible from smartphones and PCs.

In this way, users will be able to directly contact companies and businesses on the map, asking them questions of all kinds about opening, product availability, home delivery and much more. At the moment, especially in Europe and Italy, very few businesses have signed up to the real-time messaging service on Google Maps, but with the spread and global release of this new feature, more and more businesses and stores will be joining the list of businesses to ask questions directly from Google Maps.

How chat works on Google Maps

The new chat function between businesses and consumers on Google Maps has been added to the side menu, so to find it we have to click on the icon with three horizontal lines at the top. Let's go on the Messages item and if the company is subscribed to the Google Maps service we can start asking for information. In the future, the stores near us, or those that we like the most can also be followed to know live on Maps if there are active promotions, discounts or offers time exclusive to those who use the Google app. At the same time Google is updating the business side of the app to allow business owners and entrepreneurs to set up their own little tab on the business that will allow them to view special promotions that can be updated daily.