Google Maps for Android, improves integration with Street View

The Google Maps app for Android updates with a new feature dedicated to Street View: here's how to use it

Street View is one of the best features of Google Maps. It allows you to go down to street level and "scope out" the area you need to visit. Using Street View from the desktop version of Maps is extremely simple and intuitive. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said of the mobile version. The Google Maps app, in both the Android and iOS versions, supports Street View, but makes it complicated to use. That's why the developers have stepped in to fix this issue.

Since version 10.23.4 of Google Maps, a new feature has been added to the "Explore" tab that allows you to access Street View in a few simple steps. For the moment, the new feature is only available on Android, but it is not excluded that in the coming weeks it will be released for iOS as well. Thanks to the new section in "Explore", you can check which streets are covered by Street View, and clicking on the screen will immediately show the box with the view at street level.

How to use the new Street View feature for Google Maps

The goal of Google developers is to make it easier and easier to access Street View from the application. The new feature introduced goes precisely in this direction. To use it, you have to access Google Maps and click on the icon below your image. This is the Explore tab that allows you to change the type of map displayed. Now Google has added a new layer dedicated specifically to Street View.

Clicking on it will show you all the areas covered by the service and pressing on a street will automatically open the Street View view. This makes activating Street View simple and straightforward.

When will the new feature be released

For Android users it's already available: just update the Google Maps app to version 10.23.4. On iOS it should arrive soon.