Google Maps, how to activate incognito mode on iPhone

Dark mode also arrives on the iOS version of Google Maps, here's how to activate it

With about a month's delay compared to Android smartphones, iOS devices also now receive a new feature for the Google Maps app: incognito mode. Delay aside, there are currently no reports of any differences from what we've already seen on Android.

In addition, Google also announced that starting next month, it will be possible to delete information already recorded by the Maps app in history and location history with a tap. To do so, all you'll have to do is enter the history and tap on a recorded location to be able to choose whether to delete it. You'll also be able to select several at a time (or all at once) and delete them in one go. Both new features will greatly affect the way we use Google Maps and will turn the app into a simple navigator: very attentive to our privacy, certainly, but without many of the "pluses" that we've been used to for a few years now, which are all based on our history. For this reason, it's likely that most users will prefer to continue using Maps while letting the app track their behavior.

How to enable incognito mode on Google Maps for iOS

As usual, the release of this new feature will be gradual and progressive. Within a few days, all apps will be updated and will be able to be used in incognito mode. To activate incognito mode on Google Maps for iOS you'll have to follow the same procedure you've already seen on Android: just tap on your profile photo and, from the menu that appears, tap on "Activate Incognito Mode". Once you've done these two simple steps, the app will stop tracking what we're looking for and the destinations we choose. It also won't take into account previous searches and navigations, and it will no longer provide personalized suggestions about businesses.

What's not working with Google Maps incognito

Preventing Google Maps from tracking our behavior and choices increases our privacy, but takes away some useful features. We will no longer have restaurants and businesses automatically suggested according to our tastes, the exploration of stores will be based solely on "geographical" and without any customization. Also, we will no longer have notifications about traffic and possible delays to get to work or other frequent destinations.