Google Maps, how to activate the dark mode

Finally the dark mode seems to be coming to Google Maps, here's how to check if it's already available on our app and how to activate it right away

Google Maps will soon have its dark mode. The news had already been leaked by the headquarters of the big G at the beginning of last month, but only a few hours ago, some users with Android devices have seen the new version with dark tones pop up among the options of the app dedicated to maps.

To check if the mode is already available on the app, just look in the settings, reached by tapping on the profile picture, and check if the menu item "Appearance" is present. If it does, you'll be presented with three different standard options to choose from: Light Theme, Dark Theme or System Default to match the colors of your smartphone's operating system. As specified by Google, the choice of the application's theme remains completely independent of the navigation mode, thus avoiding tedious switches in case you prefer to follow directions with a different set of colors depending on the type of use you make of Maps.

Google Maps in dark mode: what changes

Amongst the changes to the default theme, Google Maps shows the search bar at the top of the screen and the filter bar at the bottom of the screen in a shade of grey that won't seem entirely new to users of the US giant's apps, as it's a common link between all the main apps.

Another change is the microphone icon at the top left, which goes from black to white for a better contrast with the background color. The currently active tab is characterized by a pastel shade of blue, useful to recognize at a glance which feature you're using.

The dark mode of Google Maps, like all themes offered by Google apps, can be set and removed at will. This allows many to get used to this type of display and eventually return to the default view in just a few taps.

Google Maps: the last of the great Google apps changes its look

Of the most important apps from Mountain View, Google Maps was the last one not to include a choice of color themes. There was a lot of talk about this long-awaited update, and in just a few days, it could become a reality on the smartphones of millions of users around the world since, according to initial reports, the Dark Mode of Google Maps is coming to devices with the new Android 11 operating system and those with Android 10.