Google Maps lets you save and share your favorite places

Google Maps launches a new feature for all iOS and Android users to create lists of the places you love most, recommend and would like to visit

New updates in the Google Maps house. The new feature, as mentioned, introduces three different types of predefined lists - "Favorites," "Special Places" and "I want to visit" - with the latter item representing a sort of "wish list".

The user, however, can also create custom place lists that he can share publicly, privately, along with others via a simple link. The new feature is being tested since last fall among Google's "power users" and is not an evolution of the already present feature "Google Local Guide", which has been available for over five years, but it is something completely new. If at first the maps were developed with the sole purpose of "getting a user from point A to point B" explains Zach Maier - Product Manager of Google Maps - "now we want to help people get out of the usual routine and push them to do something new". Let's see how it works.

Dreaming doesn't cost anything

(Taken from YouTube)

Open the Google Maps app and locate a restaurant, bar or store - or any other place you'd like to go - such as a historical site, a museum, or many other points of interest. At this point tap on the name, then the "save" icon to add it to the lists already pre-set by Google. No one forbids you to create new ones, calling them whatever you prefer. Returning to the lists you have created is very simple: go to "Your places" in the side menu and open the saved tabs. The icons of the places included in your lists will be visible on the map so that, when you find yourself in the vicinity, you won't have to look for them again and strain your memory... they'll be there waiting for you.

Share Points of Interest

In addition to being a useful feature for you, to remind you of places you've already visited or to see at the first opportunity, it could also be a great idea for your friends. You can, in fact, share the lists via sms, email, social networks and through the most used chat applications: just post a link. Those who receive your link will just have to press the "follow" option to view the list of your places every time they want to. The lists, by the way, come right in as an integral part of Google Maps, so they can be consulted - both from computers and smartphones - even when you're not connected to the Internet. Next time you plan a trip, download in advance the offline maps of the area of interest to access directly from the map the places you've added to the lists.