Google Maps, more precise directions with Street View

Google Maps has released a new feature: with the directions will also be shown images taken from Street View

Google Maps is constantly evolving and this is demonstrated by the continuous updates that the company of Moutain View releases for its service. After the feature that allows you to find your parked car, Google has introduced the possibility to consult Street View while using the satellite navigation system.

The feature is very useful especially for people who are heading to an unknown place and do not know the road perfectly. This way, before turning left or right, they can take a look on Street View and check the directions provided by Google Maps. An arrow will also appear on the Street View images indicating the direction to follow. For the moment, the images are shown as small thumbnails next to the directions, but it is not excluded that in the coming months the function will be improved.

Available only on Android

The new feature is currently available only on Android, but it is very likely that in the coming weeks will be released for iOS devices. The feature is definitely very useful, especially when you're driving in a city you don't know, but it's not very easy to use. In fact, the Street View thumbnails are difficult to click and when they open they take up the whole screen not giving the possibility to check the next directions. Small problems that surely the Mountain View company will solve with the next updates of Google Maps.