Google Maps, more space for user-created content

With the latest update to the app, Google Maps will allow users to create content in the form of a question and answer

In the past few weeks Google had revealed its intention to create a new feature that would allow users to create content for Google Maps. It wasn't about reviews of tourist locations and public places, but an unspecified tool that would allow anyone to improve the information already present in the platform.

On today's date, Big G specified how users will be able to give their contribution to "enrich" further the cards dedicated to businesses, monuments and sites of historical and cultural interest. Anyone can ask questions - regarding various aspects of the point of interest - and receive answers from the manager of the activity or from other Google Maps users. The questions and their answers will then be accessible to the entire community: just look at the card of the activity and scroll the screen until you meet the desired section.

How to ask questions on Google Maps

The use of the feature, currently available only in the Android version of Google Maps, is intuitive and immediate. To ask questions on Google Maps simply launch the application, access the tab of the point of interest you are looking for and scroll down: after the section dedicated to opening hours and days and contact information, you will find the section "Questions & answers". Here you can find the field "Ask the community": just press inside the field and wait for the keyboard to appear to compose your question.

Just below the field, instead, you can consult the questions and answers already present in the platform: in case you find the answer to your doubts, it will be possible to assign a positive vote to the question (with a thumbs up) and so make the most "deserving" ones rise to the top.

Who can use the function "Questions & answers" of Google Maps

As already mentioned, all users with a Google account will be able to give their "contribution to the cause" by asking questions, giving answers or, more simply, by voting those already present in the platform. The Mountain View giant, however, wants to encourage the active participation of those who manage the businesses present in their digital mapping app and, in case they turn out to be "owners" of a card, it will send them notifications to each question posed by users.

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