Google Maps, news coming: it will remember the road you prefer

Google Maps will calculate the route not based on the fastest route but in relation to the past choices of users. The update is coming soon

More news coming to Google Maps. After introducing the feature that helps you find parking, albeit in beta, the California-based company is ready to add a new feature to its navigator that will allow the app to remember users' preferred route.

Automatically, according to what we learn from the first rumors, Google Maps will calculate the route based on the choices previously made by drivers, instead of directly providing, as is still the case now, the fastest route. The feature is especially useful to all those who prefer to deviate from the route identified by default by the navigator of Big G. It often happens that a route is changed in a hurry, compared to the route indicated by Maps, for various reasons. With the new update, Big G's app will store these choices and then use them to shape users' search.

More features coming soon

And the news doesn't end there. With the new update, Google Maps will also automatically remember route options that allow you to avoid highways, tolls and ferries. In the future you'll only have to select these options once. However, if you want to continue using Google Maps in the traditional way, i.e. allowing the navigator to find the fastest route, you will have to disable the new settings. At the moment, however, there are no indications as to when the new update will be released, although, according to some rumors, Google could start distributing the update very soon.