Google Maps peeks at addresses in phone clipboard

Google Maps introduces a new feature to improve usability. Provided, however, that the user gives up a small slice of their privacy

That Google cares about our personal data is well known. The Mountain View giant exploits our online searches and interactions with Android smartphones to retrieve information about our habits and preferences and offer us advertising in line with the interests we have shown. A practice that, however, could sometimes seem a little too invasive.

With the latest update of Google Maps for Android and iOS, for example, the mapping service of Big G will go to peek between the notes that we have copied from the web browser or messaging applications (such as WhatsApp and Telegram, for example) to find out if there is an address between them. If so, we will receive a suggestion that, in the plans of the Mountain View company, should benefit our user experience. Of course, as long as we give up another slice (maybe a small one, maybe not) of our privacy.

Google peeks at the clipboard to make navigation easier

As mentioned, with the latest update, Google Maps will start reading the things we copy in the clipboard with the aim of finding out if there's an address among them. If it finds it, Google will remember this data until you open Google Maps. At this point just click on the search field and, at the top of the screen, will appear the address that you had copied within some other application.

In this way the engineers and technicians of Big G think they can improve your user experience. Probably, in fact, if you have copied an address is to look for it, either on Google or directly on Google Maps. Thanks to the suggestion, in fact, you will be able to search directly for the desired location and receive information about the traffic or the distance from the point where you are within a few seconds.