Google Meet challenges Zoom: 500 participants together

Google Meet experiments with a new cap on the number of participants who can enter a room: you can go up to 500, but not everyone can

Google Meet keeps getting better. The app for videoconferencing and video calls between friends and family, after almost retiring Hangouts, which has endured within the Google ecosystem since 2013, can now boast a new feature that will make the service incredibly more usable for users.

Until a few years ago, Meet and its competitors were yes appreciated by the public but were not used much. Then the pandemic broke out, and from one moment to the next social interactions were blocked to stem the circulation of the virus. Work became as "remote" as teaching, and the physical distance between colleagues, friends and family was cancelled out by apps like Google Meet, which were in fact discovered and re-discovered. From one day to the next, they have become essential tools, in many cases indispensable, used by children, teenagers, adults and the elderly.

Double the number of participants on Google Meet

So Google and the developers of other platforms have increased the pace of new features for their services, and the latest one concerning Google Meet is the possibility of hosting up to 500 participants in a room. An incredible number, to say the least, that maybe only a few will take advantage of on a few occasions, but that certainly leaves you relaxed when organizing company meetings.

And it is precisely to these, in fact, that the novelty of 500 participants on Google Meet is addressed - previously the limit was set at 250. Google itself communicates this on the blog dedicated to Workspace: "We hope that increasing the maximum number of participants in meetings will make it easier to connect and collaborate with colleagues, customers and consumers".

La buona notizia è che non bisogna muovere un dito per innalzare il limite dei partecipanti su Google Meet dai 250 precedenti agli attuali 500, se non avere un po’ di pazienza perché se è vero che il rollout è già partito è altrettanto vero che avanzerà in modo graduale: Google ha fatto sapere che entro venerdì 19 novembre tutti gli utenti coinvolti avranno la possibilità di creare stanze anche con 500 partecipanti.

I destinatari del nuovo limite

Di seguito ecco gli abbonamenti Google Workspace che potranno beneficiare del nuovo limite:

  • Google Workspace Business Plus
  • Google Workspace Enterprise Standard
  • Google Workspace Enterprise Plus
  • Google Workspace Education Plus

Per gli account Google Workspace Essentials, Business Starter, Business Standard, Enterprise Essentials, Education Fundamentals, Frontline, Non profit, Teaching and Learning Upgrade, oltre che per gli account G Suite Basic e Business, e per chi utilizza Google Meet nella sua distribuzione gratuita, il limite rimane fisso a 100 partecipanti per ciascuna stanza.