Google Meet gets Saver Mode, what it’s for

The new feature allows you to save energy and limit data consumption on mobile devices while making video calls.

It's called Meet Saver Mode and it's one of the most interesting and useful new features recently introduced by Google Meet to allow you to reduce battery consumption during video calls. The system is one of the features added to Big G's video conferencing application in the latest round of updates.

The month of March had already brought a substantial breath of fresh air to Google Meet, through the addition of a series of features capable of greatly improving the user experience while using the application. In a period like the current one, where smart working and remote working represent a need as well as a choice, being able to count on feature-rich applications can allow you to carry out your tasks with greater peace of mind, even at a distance. Among the preferred choices for the realization of audio/video meetings, the Google application has also included the introduction of questions and answers, also for Google Workspace, polls and the mosaic view to always have a complete overview of the meeting participants.

Google Meet, what is Saver Mode for

As mentioned above, the introduction of Saver Mode allows you to effectively save energy consumption during video calls, a process that usually tends to put the battery of mobile devices under stress. And it is precisely on this type of device, such as smartphones and tablets, that you can take advantage of the feature that is not present on the software dedicated to desktop computers.

To reduce energy consumption, Saver Mode acts directly on the data connection, moderating its transfer. The same goes for the CPU: its performance is limited by the feature, so it will affect it less along with the other elements already mentioned. In any case, the feature won't be active by default, but will have to be activated from the application's Settings menu.

The Saver Mode feature isn't the only novelty of this kind introduced by Big G. In fact, although computers have been left out of this feature, Mountain View has thought of a similar option for Chromebooks that allows you to minimize power consumption during use in the absence of a connection to the electricity network.

Meet Saver Mode, when will it arrive

The update of Google Meet, including Saver Mode, will soon be available with the April release released in these hours. As already specified, mobile devices will be able to benefit from the new energy saving mode, while no introduction is planned, at least for the moment, for desktop and laptop computers.