Google Nest Hub, the digital assistant who dreams of being a cook’s helper

Versatile and compact, the Nest Hub can perform dozens and dozens of tasks within the 4 walls of the home. For example, it is an excellent assistant cook

With the arrival in Italy of Nest Hub, Google also completes in our country its line of smart assistants for home automation. Specifically, it is a smart display with a 7-inch screen, with 360° full range speaker, two directional microphones and full support for Google Assistant and all other multimedia services of the Mountain View company (YouTube Premium first and foremost, but not only).

The real strength of the smart display of Big G is not so much in its technical characteristics. Or, at least, not only in that. The hardware components alone, in fact, would be of little use if they were not accompanied by a long list of features and tools to improve our daily lives. What exactly does the Google Nest Hub do? A lot of things. It can be used as a media hub to play music, movies and TV series from YouTube Premium. Or control smart home devices with a single tap. Check the feed from outdoor security cameras or, thanks to smart doorbells, see who's ringing the front door even if we're not there. But, of course, the Google Nest Hub is a home digital assistant with infinite resources.

Cooking School with Nest Hub

Extremely versatile, the Nest Hub can be used for a variety of tasks. Even to learn some recipes and make a good impression at the next dinner with your friends. How? For example, by accessing the immense database of, the Italiaonline portal dedicated to food. The more than 8,000 recipes of Buonissimo have been optimized to be displayed on the Nest Hub display and will contribute in a fundamental way to the Kitchen section of the smart display of Big G.

A simple command will be enough to access one of the recipes that, with simple step-by-step explanations, will allow you to cook all kinds of delicacies: appetizers, first courses, meat and fish main courses, main courses, sauces and recipes of the Italian regional tradition.