Google Pay arrives in Italy in September

Google's digital payments service has also arrived in Italy, here's how it works and how to use it on our smartphone

Nexi, the company that manages part of the digital payments services in our country, has in fact announced that Google Pay will finally arrive in Italy in the coming weeks. For those who don't know it, Google Pay brings together all of Mountain View's payment services into a single service.

With Google Pay we can save our credit card in our Google account and from that moment make purchases in physical stores with our smartphone, buy products and accessories in applications or websites using our Mountain View account, but also buy directly from the Google Store or send a bank transfer to friends or relatives (although for the moment this last function is only available in the United States and the United Kingdom). You can also use Google Pay to give coupons or gift cards from stores or the Google Play Store. While the same service cannot be used to pay for Mountain View's business services, such as Google cloud or G Suite.

Google Pay arrives in Italy, who can use it

The landing of Google Pay in Italy does not mean that from today all Android users will be able to use this contactless payment service on their smartphones. To use the Google Pay service, in fact, it is necessary that our phone is equipped with NFC technology, otherwise we will not be able to pay wirelessly without using the credit card registered on the smartphone. How does a payment take place? Very simple, just bring your phone to a POS terminal or another tool for contactless transactions and automatically the payment will be made. Neither more nor less than how contactless payments with credit cards are currently managed.

For Italy this is an important step forward if we consider that Google Pay arrived in the Old Continent, but only in the United Kingdom, two years ago. The release in other European countries by Google, however, has been very slow. Soon, however, the Google Pay service is also available in our country.