Google Pay official in Italy, what it is and how it works

Google's contacless payment service is finally available in our country too. Find out how it works and the compatible banks

Google has released also in Italy the service for contactless payments from smartphones, Google Pay. The system, which has been active in the United States for quite some time now, will be available for use by all Italian Android users (provided they have a compatible payment system) from September 19, 2019.

To be precise, Google Pay is more than just a contacless payment system from smartphones. In fact, it can also be used as a payment system for online purchases and in apps. It is a kind of wireless payment service in credit card style and integrated directly into our phone. At the same time, however, Google Pay provides services similar to those of PayPal, allowing you to send money to users of the same platform. To start using Google Pay, all you have to do is download the application found on the Play Store and follow the initial configuration procedure. In addition, there is also the official website of the service from which we will be able to check all our activities, payment methods and active subscriptions.

Google Pay in Italy, how it works

Google Play, in itself, is quite simple to use. Once the app is installed we need to set up a valid payment method, entering the number of a credit card issued by a bank that supports Google Pay since launch. After doing this preliminary step we go straight to the main screen, divided into  three sections: Home, Payments and Pass. The first section is the homepage where we are explained the benefits of Google Pay and where we find the Help section to get a hand in case of difficulty in using the app. In the Payments section we can check our movements and add or remove a new credit card. Finally, in the Pass section we find gift certificates or loyalty cards saved within the app. Here we can also add our cards and vouchers by scanning the barcode of the card with our smartphone's camera or manually adding its ID code.

Google Pay, banks supported in Italy

At the moment not all banks in our country support Google Pay services, although it is likely that all will do so as soon as possible, within the next few weeks at the latest. For now, Google Pay is already active in Italy with these banking groups and the credit cards they issue: Boon, Hype, Banca Mediolanum, N26, Nexi, Revolut, Tim Pay and Widiba. Poste Italiane and Carta BBC have let it be known that within a few days they will integrate Google Pay payments to all their services.

Google Pay, compatible stores and services in Italy

Shops that will support or already support payments in Italy with Google Pay will be distinguished by a special logo displayed in the window. However, all stores that have a POS terminal with contactless payments are compatible with Google's service. Among the most popular chain stores in Italy these below have already made it known that they have the possibility for consumers to pay with Google Pay: Esselunga, McDonald's, H&M, Leroy Merlin, Autogrill, Bennet, Lidl and Limoni. But the list is much longer. The sites and online services on which we can already use Google Pay in our country are, Flixbus, Deliveroo and Vueling. Also in this case, in the next few hours or at most in the next few days, the list is destined to increase dramatically.