Google pays tribute to the pizza “Calabresa” with the “Muzzarella”

Today is pizza day: so Google honors the beloved dish symbol of the Italian flag with a challenge to the last slice

It is one of the most famous dishes in the world, a symbol of Italian cuisine in the world that has its roots in the history of Italy when Italy, in fact, did not yet exist. To pay homage to the national icon in the world, Google has created not just a simple doodle, but a real interactive game.

Pizza has origins far back in time but, "geographically" speaking, very close to us: the first evidence is dated 997, when in the Boot there was still the tradition of the tomato, arrived from the Americas only in the 16th century. It was, however, in 1700 that it began to take on the taste we now know, with the addition of sauce: in the poor areas of the city of Naples it became one of the most consumed dishes, thanks to the low cost of preparation. In 1807, according to some historical documents, in the city of Campania there were already 54 pizzerias, even though it took almost another 100 years to taste the first "Margherita" which, according to a legend, was created in 1889 by pizza maker Raffaele Esposito in honor of King Umberto I and Queen Margherita of Savoy, inspired by the Italian flag through the use of basil, mozzarella and the ever-present tomato.

Google's homage to pizza

Why is today celebrated as Pizza Day? The reason is simple: on December 6, 2007, UNESCO recognized the work of the "pizzaiuolo" as a cultural heritage of humanity, reserving a place of honor to this tasty excellence of ours. For this reason, Google, today, wanted to give away a fun game for virtual pizza makers.

In the 11 levels available, participants have the opportunity to dabble in the perfect cut into slices, according to more selective criteria that make it obviously more complex to achieve the goal. Each of them is inspired by a different preparation, among the most appreciated ones all over the world.

We start from the unfailing "Margherita" to the "White" (different from our "white", since it includes mushrooms and broccoli among its ingredients), passing through the American "Pepperoni" (no vegetables, it's the typical American salami), the "Hawaiian" (yes, just the one with pineapple). In addition to these, there are the "Magyaros", "Teriyaki Mayonnaise", "Tom Yum", "Paneer" and the bizarre "Dessert"; there are also the "Calabresa" and the "Muzzarella".

Google Pizza, tradition... and not only

It is a gastronomic specialty, the Calabrian pizza. Known even outside the national borders with the name "Calabresa", it contains some of the typical products of the region: the Tropea onions, the Calabrian soppressata and the black olives. Appreciated in particular in the United States and in the south of America, it is for many a mouth-watering culinary discovery, although for years it has been the meeting point with Italy for those looking for a reminder of their homeland in their dish. All the more reason for Google to count it among the preparations.

It raises a smile, however, the "Muzzarella" pizza. If for years pizza purists have turned up their noses at original style pizzas - yes, the famous Hawaiian pizza with ham and pineapple that many still can't get enough of - this variation on the theme of Argentinian origin in focaccia style covered with stringy cheese, plenty of oregano and green olives, leaves the fundamentalists of one of the most popular dishes for young and old pleasantly perplexed. But, you know, the world - even the culinary world - is beautiful because it is varied. And after the fruit, who knows: we could also get used to this extravagant interpretation.