Google Photos, chat arrives: how it works

Google Photos chat arrives: how does it work and what are the benefits for users? Find out now and share photos and videos with your contacts

Photos and videos are not only a solution to imprint a moment in the memory, but also a great opportunity to chat and exchange impressions and opinions related to that moment. Google has understood this potential and, perhaps for this reason, has decided to integrate a messaging platform within Google Photos.

Google Photos is the app available for iOS and Android that allows you to manage the images you take, share photo albums and videos with friends and family. But now with the arrival of the integrated chat, the habits of use will change: users will be able to use it also to exchange messages and advice on images. And why not, replace it with WhatsApp or any other messaging application they use.

How Google Photos chat works

Until now, to share one or more files with other users it was necessary to create an album and share it, perhaps by sending the link to access the file via email. The process was therefore far from instantaneous. Now thanks to the new Google Photos chat you can exchange files via a simple message.

The mode of exchange is very similar to WhatsApp, Instagram and other similar chats. Google allows you to add messages and comments to the sent photos or even take the opportunity to have an online chat. You can add a "Reaction" to individual photographs with a Like, just as happens on Facebook. In this context, each photograph becomes a pretext to communicate with your friends, colleagues or relatives.

How to use Google Photos chat

Exchanging images via Google Photos chat is very easy. You can send the file either to a single user or to a group of people. All the people present in the group chats can intervene by sending photos, videos, adding comments and putting Like to individual files sent.

To create a new chat just select the "Share" item located under the single image in the library. While for existing conversations there will be the special tab dedicated to sharing documents.

When will it be available?

The chat is not yet available, but Google's product manager, Janvi Shah announced that it could come out in a week. In fact, you have to wait for the rollout phase to be completed, as well as all the final tests to be done on the feature. In short, in a few days, both iOS and Android devices will be able to share videos and photos in an easier and faster way.

Some have raised doubts about the quality of the output photos, but even in this case Janvi Shah has reassured users: the images shared will have a quality virtually equal to the original one. We just have to wait for the update and try the new Google service.