Google Pixel 4 comes out of the closet: top camera and 6 GB of RAM

The Pixel 4 launch is still a few weeks away, but everything, or almost everything, is known about Google's smartphone. Merit also of yet another leak

New leaks on the next top-of-the-line smartphone from Google, the Pixel 4 that will be proposed new mind in both standard and XL versions. About a month after the official launch on the Chinese social network Weibo have appeared photos from which it would seem that the Pixel 4 will have a camera even better than the Pixel 3 (already very good).

The photos appeared on Weibo then disappeared within a few hours, and it is not certain that it is the Pixel 4. But for some time Google has unveiled the design of its next smartphone and admitted that it will have the rear camera department enclosed in a large square bumper. And the leaked photos show just such a smartphone. From one of the photos, which is the only one that cannot be attributed with certainty to a Pixel 4, you can see that the device has 6 GB of RAM (which becomes 5.28 GB actually available to the user). If this amount of memory is confirmed in the final specs, it would be great news for users: it is known, in fact, that Google manages to optimize memory usage extremely effectively.

Google Pixel 4: excellent camera

In one of the 4 photos leaked on Weibo you can see a very large device, which should be the Pixel 4 XL, with the two rear cameras housed in the square along with the LED flash. In the next photo you can see the cameras in action: the smartphone frames a cityscape full of skyscrapers and the camera lens shows to have a really powerful zoom. It would seem a telephoto lens 8X or even 10X, but it is not known how much of the magnification is optical and how much is software. The result, however, looks great: the garden terrace on one of the buildings, which with the naked eye you can hardly see, is captured with a high level of detail.

Google Pixel 4: facial recognition and gestures

In a later photo you can see what will probably be the normal Pixel 4 (it is significantly smaller than the previous one). The design confirms what we've already seen on the Pixel 3: Google does not give in to the fashion of the "bezel-less" combined with the notch and prefers a frame clearly visible, in which to house the front camera and sensors. Among these there is also the one for facial recognition (there is no longer the rear fingerprint sensor, as in the Pixel 3), but also the famous 3D radar "Soli" that will allow you to use new gestures without even touching the screen.

Google Pixel 4: more RAM for everyone

The last photo published on Weibo, finally, shows a screenshot of a smartphone (in this case it is impossible to say that it is really a Pixel 4) in which you can see the amount of total RAM and free RAM for applications. The data are better than those of the Pixel 3: the next Google smartphone, in fact, will be equipped with 6 GB of RAM. Recall that the current Pixel 3 comes with 4 GB of LPDDR4x RAM and 64 GB or 128 GB of storage.