Google Pixel 5: a bug makes the blue display turn on in the dark

More and more users are reporting a bug for Google Pixel 5: when the smartphone is in the dark, the display turns on at maximum brightness

New problem for Google Pixel 5 and, according to the first reports, this time too the display would be involved. This time it would be a problem related to a technical malfunction, or a bug that, in dark conditions, would cause the screen to turn on.

After the headaches caused by the display not being able to fully adhere to the body despite IP68 certification, a particularly serious problem that leaving a gap between the two surfaces could cause the entry of water or dust inside the device and subsequent malfunctions or sudden breakage, this time is a bug to involve and worry the owners of the new phone of the Mountain View giant. So it does not seem to find peace Pixel 5, the mid-range smartphone that debuted on the market only last September 30 along with the 5g version of the Pixel 4A.

Google Pixel 5: the problems caused by the bug

According to what has been reported on Reddit by some users, the problem caused by the bug would therefore be a sudden switching on of the display at maximum brightness in dark situations. In fact, about an hour after placing the Pixel Stand on the charging device and despite the option "Screen off when it's dark", Google Pixel 5 would automatically turn on just the screen that would remain on without turning off except through a manual deactivation.

Some users have also reported that they have communicated the problem to Big G through live chat, receiving as a suggestion to reset the preferences of the app and, subsequently to disable and enable again the "Do not disturb" mode.

In addition, on the Pixel support page, another user reported an abnormal behavior, also triggered by the placement on the stand, related to the clock on the screen and notifications that would appear at full brightness once the device is charged.

Google Pixel 5: Pixel 4XL would also have the same bug

Apparently, however, the problem encountered by Pixel 5 owners would also affect Google Pixel 4XL. A report that indicates that, once the smartphone is placed on the stand, the sudden turning on of the screen with the brightness set to the maximum level and option related to the display off in the dark activated would also happen to the 4XL model with Android 11 operating system.

Google Pixel 5: the causes of the problem

According to the site Android Police, the problem could depend on the proximity sensor, positioned for the first time regarding a Google device right under the screen. Others instead point the index finger for the bug against the recent update of the app that manages Pixel Stand. At the moment, Big G has not yet expressed itself and we therefore await updates for the resolution of the problem.