Google Pixel 5a is coming, but not in Italy

The latest rumor about Google Pixel 5a is sensational: not only it would not arrive in Italy, but it would be destined for just two countries worldwide

History repeats itself, once again. And it's a good "unfortunately" for those who over the years have been passionate about the Google Pixel series, the one characterized by Android just as Google intends it: a light, snappy and minimalist operating system with just a few software "goodies" aimed at making the daily life of those who use one easier.

If a few days ago Google officially confirmed some of the features of the top of the range Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro, for which there is a real possibility of not seeing them in Italy, now comes another cold shower for fans of the Google smartphone more oriented to value for money, namely Google Pixel 5a. According to rumors in fact, Pixel 5a will not arrive in Italy. Another step backwards then, because the lineup of 2020 has seen the lack of the only "top" Pixel 5, while the current Pixel 4a is distributed in the Bel Paese. In fact, if the indiscretion were to anticipate the actual will of the company, Google would withdraw from the Italian market at least as far as smartphones are concerned.

Google Pixel 5a will arrive in a couple of countries

This is certainly not positive news for Italian fans, who in the last two years have seen the Google range progressively depleted: in 2019 all Pixels designed by Google were distributed in Italy, in 2020 one out of two remained outside the Italian borders, while 2021, at this point, could be remembered as the year in which Google's smartphones abandon Italy for good.

The indiscretion comes after Bloomberg in recent days had announced how the launch of Google Pixel 5a would be held by the end of August, an indiscretion consistent with what happened last year when Google Pixel 4a was presented in the second half of the month.

Then, the cold shower: another source, FrontPage Tech, reports that according to the information collected Google Pixel 5a will be marketed in a couple of countries. Literally a couple: United States and Japan. It will not only be the Italian fans, then, who will be disappointed for the lack of commercialization of a product that over the years has been distinguished by the balance of hardware and high value for money.

It's hard to explain, if not with the chip crisis

Probably the choice of Google was in a sense forced by the chip crisis that currently rages in the world. The scarce availability of electronic components could have advised Google to limit the distribution of Pixel 5a as much as possible, to avoid that the demand for the mid-range device could send the production chain into crisis in a period complicated by the crisis, and to avoid that Google, as a consequence, ends up making a bad impression due to a distribution that could proceed hiccup.

All that remains for fans is to hope that today's rumor is wrong, and that Google at the launch of Pixel 5a will surprise everyone by not limiting its distribution to just two countries.