Google Pixel 6 will cost a lot less than iPhone 13

The launch of the Google Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro is close, and good news is coming about the prices: They'll cost less than Pixel 5 and quite a bit less than iPhone 13

September is drawing to a close, October is just around the corner, and that for tech enthusiasts and Google smartphones in particular means that the time for the launch of Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro is even closer: just over two weeks, if the rumors of recent days turn out to be true.

Much of the information about them has already been known for quite some time. Google has had fun in the past weeks to destroy the plans of rumors and indiscretions, which, like every year, were depriving the men of Mountain View of the "taste" of announcing them the news of the two smartphones. So the company of the big G has come out in the open, unveiling many details of the main novelty, namely the unreleased Tensor chip that Google has designed at home, the cameras and removing the veils from the aesthetics of the two products. There are still several other pieces of information to be discovered, such as the full data sheets, prices and colors, aspects that have been taken care of by the latest rumors.

Google Pixel 6 will cost at least 200 euros less than iPhone 13

Usually the first figures to emerge are those in dollars, and instead this time the rumors about the price of Google Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro come from Europe, so the figures are in euros. And the two are even cheaper than iPhone 13. A news, however, good for half, since Google has already announced that the Pixel 6 will not come to Italy, at least not immediately.

If they do, the figures will seem almost derisory if, iPhone 13 aside, put side by side with those required for Google Pixel 5. The current flagship smartphone costs 629 euros, which is a sum still important for a product that integrates the Snapdragon 765G chip, yes powerful but not at the level of the best. They will be instead, and not only in terms of pure power but also for the rest of the technical features, Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro, and despite aiming high could cost very little.

Rumors indicate a price of 649 euros for Google Pixel 6 and 899 euros for Pixel 6 Pro, just 20 euros more than the current Pixel 5. Differences that acquire relevance when compared with those that are assumed to be the main competitors of the next smartphone made in Mountain View: more than 200 euros difference in favor of Pixel 6 in comparison with iPhone 13, almost 300 euros less for Pixel 6 Pro compared to iPhone 13 Pro.

These prices would have been confirmed by two different sources, so you can have a fair amount of confidence that they can be accurate.

The "nice" names for the colors of the Google Pixel 6

With regard to the colors of Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro Google is called to entertain with its curious names that it brings out every year. So far, rumors have intercepted five colorations: red, green, black, silver and gold, but there is little chance that the Pixel 6 colorations will pass to the public with such "trivial" names.

According to rumors, the black and green colorations could be known as carbon and fog. Always the same source confirms the dates circulated earlier: October 19 the announcement, October 28 the availability. Not in Italy.