Google Pixel Buds A sono arrivate: alta qualità a prezzo basso

Dopo averle svelate per sbaglio in passato, ora c'è la presentazione ufficiale: ecco come sono fatte le nuove cuffiette wireless low cost di Google.


Giuseppe Croce Giornalista

Peppe Croce, giornalista dal 2008, si occupa di device elettronici e nuove tecnologie applicate al mondo automotive. È entrato in Libero Tecnologia nel 2018.

Sono piccoli, caratterizzati da un’alta qualità del suono e possono essere acquistati a un prezzo decisamente basso. Stiamo parlando di Google Pixel Buds A, i nuovi auricolari in-ear di Google che vanno così ad aggiornare, con un prodotto valido e dal prezzo molto accattivante, la gamma di cuffiette wireless di Mountain View.

Maintaining some unchanged features compared to the model that debuted in 2020, such as aesthetics and ergonomics, these wearables from the small size bet everything on the audio performance as well as a better interaction with the Google voice assistant, present and activated through the in-ear that also meets with real-time translations. Housed in a lightweight oval case in white or olive green with a matte finish, they fit into the ear with the elongated section while, using the external flap, they are stabilized in the ear cup avoiding falls in the event of sudden movements or sports activities.

Google Pixel Buds A, perception at the top, battery less

It is definitely the strong point of the new generation of such in-ear. The audio quality, although mounting a 12mm driver as in the previous version, rises dramatically. With well harmonized frequencies, they give distinct coloring details even to the most demanding ears. Different needs but equal satisfaction for the calls, since both interlocutors can count on clean sounds and clear voice.

They don't shine instead as far as autonomy is concerned, since they don't exceed five hours in listening and two and a half hours in conversation, although with a full charge of the case they can be used for a total of 24 hours. Useful is the possibility of having as much as three hours of use with just 15 minutes in the case.

Google Pixel Buds A, no ANC but the shape thinks about it

Although they are not equipped with active noise cancellation (ANC), the Pixel Buds A-Series allow an isolation from the outside, making a small rotation during insertion, based mainly on the design without, however, going to affect the comfort of use that still remains remarkable. In part, the adaptive audio that, using the microphones to pick up ambient noise, automatically manages the increase or decrease in playback volume to make up for this lack.

Google Pixel Buds A, perfect for Android

Manageable with the touch of the surface sensitive to contact, allow the use of a single headset through the use of the same gestures on the two devices. Excellent on Android, slightly less exploitable on iOS - which requires manual pairing - or other operating systems on which the functions are limited, they rely on the Pixel Buds app to fully enjoy the user experience recreated by Big G.

Available for the robot OS, the application allows you to check the charge level of the earbuds and the case (with Usb Type-C connector). In addition, by recording the last known location, it is possible to find the Pixel Buds in case of loss, allowing the emission of a sound for easier identification, even for single wearable.

Google Pixel Buds A, price and availability

Satisfactory evolution of the old model, the Pixel Buds A will soon be on sale, as anticipated, at a small price for the quality features they have, especially when associated with an Android device. At a cost of 99 euros, they are already hosted on the official Google store. Not yet purchasable, those who want to touch them can already sign up for the waiting list and receive an email alert when finally available.