Google Pixel foldable phones will be two

An analysis on the code of Android 12.1 has led the well-informed to think that two Google Pixel foldable phones will arrive soon: here's the information discovered

The market for foldable smartphones, after several months, indeed a few years, of timid growth, is finally gaining importance, thanks to the efforts of Samsung that with Galaxy Z Fold3 and Galaxy Z Flip3 has increased the offer while lowering prices in a sensitive and decisive way.

More and more people are now ready to try what many believe is the future of the smartphone segment, so manufacturers who don't want to lose (too much) ground to Samsung - which is already thinking about the next step - must hurry to present their proposals. The foldable Google Pixel has been talked about for a while under the code name Passport, but in recent hours an in-depth analysis on the code of Android 12.1 - the update to the robot expected to be released in mid-life - has revealed that Google would have in the pipeline as many as two foldable Pixels, not just one as was believed so far.

The second foldable Google Pixel in development

It's Android 12.1 that reveals what cards Google may pull from the deck in the near future: a smartphone codenamed Jumbojack has been unearthed. The clues are different: at first a source announced the discovery, then confirmed by others who have access to the code of Android 12.1.

It is the same code to reveal the nature of the project Jumbojack, since it contains information about the various configurations - closed, open, semi-open, upside down, etc.. At first you might think that it is simply a test device, but continuing the research you discover that it is the same Google to mark it as a product of the Pixel line.

The information are many. It turns out, for example, that Mountain View's foldable smartphone will have two displays, but that one of the two, once the device is folded, will no longer be visible. Which brings to mind the Galaxy Z Fold project that has a large "internal" display and a smaller one on the outside, useful when you need to perform quick tasks and the large internal screen would be more of a hindrance than a help.

When it might arrive

It also seems that the debut of the second foldable Google Pixel, this one named Jumbojack, will bring with it changes to Android 12 that will also touch the other devices and that until then will not be distributed, such as a better management of the information displayed by the display.

The fact that Android 12.1, reading the code, seems to be acting as a "watershed" between a version of Android, 12, that doesn't cover foldables and one, 12.1, that does, suggests that Google could unveil both or just one of the two foldable smartphones in the pipeline to coincide with the arrival of Android 12.1, and that therefore the foldable Pixels would only need a few months of waiting.

It's still too early to say with enough certainty, not least because there's a lack of further concrete clues to lend strength to this on Jumbojack, but it certainly bodes well for those awaiting Google's foldable smartphone.