Google Pixel: the battery life makes us cry for a miracle

According to a test published on Reddit, the new smartphones, soon to be released, have a battery life of over 20 hours and a fast charging

Forget brand, shape or quality of the camera. One of the main reasons we may or may not buy a smartphone is its battery life. That is, how long the battery lasts. Still the Google Pixel have to come out but the question is already circulating on the network: how much could we use them before recharging?

The battery test . According to a Reddit user, who had the opportunity to test the device in preview, the data are very positive. The Pixels, which have retired the Nexus, have made marked improvements on battery life compared to their predecessors. Of course, the reliability of these tests is all to be verified. The data is intriguing, though. The Google Pixel have been used following a normal working day: calls, data connection, airplane mode and camera use. The user said he used the phone from 9 to 22.30. 12 hours without a charge.

And there's also fast charging

(Taken from YouTube)

And that's not all. Because, again according to the Reddit source, at the end of the day the smartphone still had 40% battery life. This assumes a battery life of over 20 hours for the Google Pixel with normal use. If they were real, they would be impressive data. To confirm them the user also posted screenshots. In addition it must be said that the new Google smartphones are equipped with fast charging, especially if put on charging in the range between 25% and 85% of battery remaining.

Beware of illusions

That said it is not yet the case to go to break the piggy to fund all our savings and bet on Google Pixel. Often smartphones before they come out are involved in rumors that are not always 100% reliable. And the topic of battery life has already disillusioned expectations several times in the past. However, the release of the new Google devices is near (October 20) and at that point, installing and using all our favorite apps, we will be able to see if we should shout at the miracle or not.