Google Play Store down today, unable to download apps. What’s going on

The Google Play Store is down and won't let you download apps. The causes of the malfunction are not known, but Big G's technicians are already at work

No use trying to restart the phone or trying any other trick you can think of. At the moment, in fact, there seems to be no solution. As of around 1pm today, June 1st, the Google Play Store is not working and users cannot download apps. The problem doesn't seem to concern app updates, which can be downloaded automatically or manually without any major headaches.

It's a different story if you try to download and install an app that's not in memory. In this case, in fact, the system fails to start the download and, after a few seconds of blocking, shows an error message. Within a few minutes, reports of Play Store down have grown exponentially, both in Italy and in the rest of Europe and Japan. The problem, in short, would seem to be quite serious and no communication has yet arrived from the Mountain View company. Surely the technicians are already working to solve the problem, but it is not yet known if and how much the Google Play Store will be back to work.

Play Store is not working on June 1, what's going on

As said, at the moment are completely unknown the causes that led to the malfunction of the Play Store.

According to online reports, most users are seeing the error message "Error while retrieving information from server [DF-BA-AH-01]". This suggests a failure in Google's server infrastructure, which allows users to download Android apps from anywhere.

How to fix Play Store "Error while retrieving information from server [DF-BA-AH-01]"

A possible solution to the [DF-BA-AH-01] error comes directly from the Android support pages. Big G's technicians, in fact, recommend clearing the Play Store cache and restarting the device. To do this, you need to open the Settings of your phone, click on Apps and Notifications and then View All Apps. From here enter the Play Store tab, choose Storage and then Delete Cache. Once this is done, restart your device and try downloading an app again: if the problem persists you just have to wait for Google technicians to repair the server infrastructure failure.