Google Sabrina, the device to make TV smart will be cheap

The price of Google Sabrina, the device that makes TVs smart, has been revealed: it will be launched at less than 50 euros. Here are the features

Google Sabrina, the smart device to make the TV smart, takes more and more shape. After obtaining certification from the FCC, the U.S. body that has this specific task, new information about the device arrives, and it is news that will surely make users happy. The site 9to5Google, in fact, has discovered the price of Google Sabrina: $ 49.99 (in Europe will probably be 49.99 euros). A very interesting price that, if confirmed, would make the TV dongle one of the most interesting on the market.

The journalists of 9to5Google have found the information on the website of Home Depot, a large chain of U.S. shopping malls. Analyzing the site appeared the launch price of the device, which precisely will be $49.99. Well below initial expectations (some experts had set the price around $ 80-90). After the discovery of 9to5Google, also other information sites have gone in search of information and have found the existence of a page dedicated to Google Sabrina on other U.S. e-commerce, with a slightly different price: $ 59.99. On Walmart's portal, in addition to the price, there is also the release date: September 30.

What is it and how it works Google Sabrina

Google Sabrina is the code name of the new TV dongle of the Mountain View company, successor to the Chromecast Ultra. It is a device that connects to the TV via the HDMI port and allows access to interactive content. It is particularly suitable for all those TVs that do not have smart services, on which users can not install applications such as Netflix or Amazon Prime Video. Google Sabrina is expected to be a direct competitor to Amazon's Fire TV Stick and Xiaomi's Mi TV Stick.

How is Google Sabrina supposed to work? After plugging the device into your TV's HDMI port, you can control it via your smartphone or with the remote control in the box. Google Sabrina is based on Android TV 11 (which will be renamed to Google TV for the occasion) and the user can install from the built-in Google Play Store any application, from video streaming platforms to video games. According to rumors, Google Sabrina will already feature YouTube TV and Nest app (to manage smart home devices).

When it comes out and how much it will cost Google Sabrina

The price should be between 49.99 and 59.99 dollars, according to rumors released in these hours and found first by 9to5Google and then by Android Police on the sites of Home Depot and Walmart, two major U.S. mall chains. In any case, these prices are quite low and almost in line with that of the main competitors. Also discovered the launch date of Google Sabrina: September 30, 2020.