Google Stadia, how much will the games cost

Video games present on Google Stadia will have the same price as on other video game platforms and there will be no discounts

Google has finally presented Stadia, the on-demand platform dedicated to video games that has a very simple goal: to make consoles disappear from people's homes. Google Stadia is based on a system very similar to that of Netflix: the user pays a monthly subscription and has available some video games on the platform. The cost of the subscription is 9,99 euros every 30 days, but for the moment we don't know the titles that will be available in the library of Google Stadia.

In comparison to Netflix, however, on the service of Big G it will be possible to buy single videogames. On the contrary. Most of the games will have to be purchased and won't be available in the monthly subscription. The Mountain View company, however, had promised discounts for the purchase of games dedicated to Premium users, so as to encourage players. Discounts that, however, do not seem to be more in the plans of Google.

How much do games cost on Google Stadia

In an event organized for the English press, Phil Harrison has answered to journalists' questions about how Google Stadia will work. One of the questions concerned the price of the titles that players will find on the platform. Harrison's answer was very precise "Games on Google Stadia will cost the same as those on other platforms (Steam, Origin). I don't know why they should be cheaper..."

During the presentation of the platform, there was talk of the possibility for users who subscribe to a Premium subscription to have a discount on the purchase of games. On this point Phil Harrison did not give a precise answer.

How much data Google Stadia consumes

The head of the Google Stadia project also gave other very interesting answers. The one that has sparked the most debate concerns the consumption of the streaming video game platform. According to Phil Harrison, the news released in the last days (an estimate of PC Gamer calculates that for an hour of game in 4K would consume 15.75GB) are not true because they do not consider the compression system used by Google. In addition, making calculations on the 4G network is not correct: to take full advantage of Google Stadia will have to wait for the advent of 5G, the new super-fast network that in Italy has made its debut in these days.

To meet the needs of users, the service will suggest users what resolution to use to avoid problems with data consumption and possible network slowdowns.