Google Translator also in dark mode: how to activate it

Dark mode is coming to Google Translator, both on Android and iPhone. What changes and how to activate the mode

Dark mode strikes again: the expansion of the feature among the most popular apps on both Android and iOS continues. The latest app to receive the dark theme is Google Translator, in both Android and iOS versions. But with some differences.

Dark mode at the operating system level, on Apple devices and smartphones running Android 10, is a new feature introduced at the software level. To activate it, you need to go into Settings and select Dark Theme. Google Translator supports dark mode starting with version 6.5.0, released on February 5. Aside from a minor bug fix, the "Dark Mode" (as Google calls it) is the only new feature in this version, which suggests that Google has updated the app to make this feature available to everyone.

How to activate Dark Mode in Google Translator

Enabling Dark Mode in Google Translator for iOS is very easy: just tap on Settings and you'll find a new item called "Dark Mode". We'll be able to activate or deactivate it in a few seconds, according to our needs or preferences. However, this is not a 100% dark mode: not everything is black, the dominant color is in fact dark gray. But that's not a defect, because this color makes the text much more readable and doesn't strain your eyes with an excessive contrast between black and white.

On Android, however, the procedure is different. You don't have to select any Dark mode, but the activation of the dark mode is done directly on the server side. For the moment it has been made available to some users in the United States and in the next few days it will also arrive in Italy. The work done on Android, however, is not good: the black blends with the color of the various features making it almost impossible to use Google Translator. There will surely be a fix to fix the work done.