Google Translator, biblical prophet by mistake

Google Translator's artificial intelligence creates religious prophecies based on searches made by users. By mistake, of course

What if Google Traduttore, the tool for translations into over 100 languages made by Mountain View and powered by artificial intelligence, was making prophecies with a biblical background? That's the question many users have had when they've come across bizarre translations after some searches.

For example, on the famous Google application to be able to translate texts or small phrases, if we write 19 times "dog" (dog in English) and then translate it from the Maori language to any other language (including Italian) we will find ourselves in front of a strange religious prophecy, which reads more or less like this: "The World Clock is three minutes past twelve, we are once again close to the end of time and the return of Jesus". And this is just one of the strange translation errors that appear on Google Translator if you write a long enough chain of the same word and try to translate it into another idiom.

The biblical prophecies of Google Translator

In addition to the message about the strange second coming of the Lord if we type the word Ag in Somali several times in Google Translator and translate it into English we will see several words related to biblical names or a translation "in the name of the Lord" instead of the correct translation.

But why is all this happening in Google Translator? At the moment there is no official answer from Google but it seems that the artificial intelligence from Mountain View and used on Translate has been trained to respond with nonsense phrases to nonsense searches. Basically, it's a trick thought up by Google to surprise users who test the Translator by writing funny things.

In practice, if we do a search for a translation without really logical sense then Google's AI returns a phrase with a prophetic flavor on a biblical level. Moreover, it must be said that at the moment these errors are only found if we search for translations into Somali, Hawaiian or Maori, languages that are not yet completed as dictionaries for translations by Mountain View. It is therefore possible that it is a simple bug of the artificial intelligence that uses random texts from which it has learned complex translations (and the biblical texts obviously are) to answer sentences in a language that it does not yet know perfectly. In short, we don't have to worry, if by doing some translations on Google we find ourselves in front of the prophecy of the arrival of the Apocalypse, it's just a simple bug and we don't have to try to save ourselves.