Google translator turns headphones into simultaneous interpreters

Google has released for all smart headsets and Android smartphones the new feature of its Voice Assistant for simultaneous translations

In the near future, traveling around the world without knowing languages may no longer be a problem. Google, in fact, wants to turn all headsets that support Google Assistant into simultaneous translators able to make us understand any language supported by Google Translator.

In short, an interpreter that we can always bring with us, on any occasion and wherever we want. Before this update, the real-time translation feature was only available for Mountain View's smart headphones, the Pixel Buds. Now, however, anyone with a Google Assistant-compatible smart headset and an Android phone will be able to take advantage of having a voice translator at their fingertips. At the moment, Google's real-time translation service supports 40 different languages, including Italian.

How Google's real-time translations work

At this point, most of you are probably wondering but how do I do a translation using a headset and the Google Assistant app? Nothing could be simpler. In fact, the user doesn't have to do anything at all. Just launch the app and go to the section dedicated to real-time translations. At this point, when an interlocutor speaks in a language different from ours, the headset will start translating, relying on Google's machine learning algorithms. Google Assistant uses the microphone of our headphones, or that of our smartphone, to listen to what our interlocutor says and then translates simultaneously.

Headsets compatible with Google Simultaneous Translation

There is currently no list of headsets that support the new simultaneous translation feature offered by Google Assistant and Google Translator. And since the Pixel Buds are not officially on sale in Italy, you'll have to rely on those of third-party manufacturers. While waiting for Google to let you know more, you ll just have to search online for "Google Assistant Earphones" or "Google Assistant Headphones" and comb through the results.