Google TV, the app that connects Netflix, Prime Video and YouTube

The new Chromecast with Google TV changes the way you enjoy streaming content: here's how

Google TV is the new app from the big G for watching online streaming services directly on your home TV. The application, launched only in recent days, will be available on the new Chromecast, which for the occasion will be renamed "Chromecast with Google TV" and will allow you to browse movies and TV series of the major platforms.

How does Google TV work? As already anticipated, the new Mountain View product will have a customized interface that will mainly act as a connection for users between the various subscriptions available. With a single tool and thanks to a remote control with voice control connected to the new Chromecast dongle, it will be enough to name a title to be able to watch it without having to browse through the many proposals available. For greater convenience, the small controller will already have buttons for direct access to Netflix and YouTube, thus eliminating the need to search for the two apps among those available for Android TV OS, more than 6,500 including Prime Video, Disney+ and many others.

Google TV: content search easier

Among the potential of the new app stands out the ability to keep track of the content you want to watch, without having to create lists on each of the streaming services to which you are subscribed.

In fact, Watchlist is not only available from Google TV, but also from Google search from your phone and computer, so you can always keep your virtual diary of content at hand.

Chromecast with Google TV: features and functionality

From the point of view of video quality, Big G has not compromised. The new Chromecast with Google TV is able to show on your TV, through a connection via HDMI port, very high resolution content up to 4K HDR. For those who also point to the design, the new key with remote control will be available in three different colors, Snow (white), Sunrise (pink) and Sky (blue).

Another feature of Google TV, not strictly related to video playback but to the integration of the company's products is the ability to interact with Google Assistant, for total control of all compatible devices in the house.

Google TV: when it will be available in Italy

The launch on the Italian market of Google TV and the new Chromecast with Google TV is scheduled for October 15, at a selling price of 69.99 euros. Many have commented on this price, believing it to be excessively high.