Google vuole cambiare 1000 emoji: ecco perché

Ancora novità per le emoji: dopo l'annuncio dell'uomo incinto, candidato a entrare nella lista degli aggiornamenti 2021, ora Google sta per rivoluzionare 992 disegni.


Giuseppe Croce Giornalista

Peppe Croce, giornalista dal 2008, si occupa di device elettronici e nuove tecnologie applicate al mondo automotive. È entrato in Libero Tecnologia nel 2018.

Le emoji ricoprono da tempo un ruolo fondamentale nella comunicazione: lo sa molto bene anche Google che, è in procinto di dare spazio a un restyling a quasi 1000 faccine e disegni. If with an image it's possible to convey targeted messages that, in words, could be complex or difficult to understand, now Big G has aimed even higher making them more understandable for all users, all over the world: here's what to expect.

On the Mountain View blog you can read: "Emoji have a global audience and it's important that they are relevant worldwide. Changes of different types will be made, useful to transform the small icons into intelligible concepts that will embrace different themes. Among these is that of inclusiveness, which is becoming increasingly important in every aspect of our daily lives. To the roster, then, are added small retouches to the incorrect details present, such as the freeway indicated with incorrect colors, while others will become dynamic and have a counterpart for the dark mode of the smartphone.

Emoji, how they change

In the post, the announcement specified that there will be precisely 992 emoji that will undergo a general change. In this way, the images will be able to count on a widely universal and accessible aspect, in some cases not related to the purely American principles that have characterized them until now.

One of the most obvious examples is that of the "pie", the typical dish both sweet and savory now represented by a cornerstone of the culture and cuisine of the stars and stripes: the pumpkin pie. In the next update, the icon will become a generic pie/pie, with a less strong link to US traditions and understandable by populations all over the globe.

The group will be joined by a handful of completely new pictograms that will have to pass Unicode's approval process. Among the candidates, there are those that in recent days have been discussed on the web and outside, namely the man and the pregnant person, with a visible belly, as well as the hand of Fatima and the coral to remember the threat of global warming towards coral reefs.

Emoji Google, who will receive them

According to statements by Big G, to receive the emoji will be all the apps that already support the Appcompat library. The discriminating factor will not be the release date of the phone nor the update of the device: it is enough to be compatible with that element in order to take advantage of the icons used by Android 12. Obviously it's a more practical, faster and safer method than rooting the device, which was necessary until now to achieve the same result and enjoy the new versions in advance of the update.

With the feature, Google could definitely bring to the next major release of its operating system a modification that would allow the font file that hosts the emoji to be updated without having to touch the OS, but exclusively through Google Play Services. This would be a useful integration for Android users who, thus, could align visual communication with iOS in a shorter time compared to the past.