Google will help to separate work from private life: here’s how

Finding the balance between private life and work is not easy, especially in times of smart working: Google helps users with this new Android feature

We live in a hyper-connected society where finding the right space between work and private life becomes increasingly difficult between smart working and always connected smartphones. Google is now offering its users an Android solution to find a balance between the two aspects of everyone's life.

The announcement comes from Big G in an official post on its blog, in which it presents several new features it is working on for the Android 12 mobile operating system. Among them appears a really interesting one: an upgrade of the work profile for all its users. Those who use an Android smartphone for work will be able to create an ad hoc profile with separate apps from their personal one. When the work profile is deactivated, apps installed on it won't be able to send notifications to the user, who can then forget about emails after office hours and devote himself to relaxing without interruptions and his private life.

Android work profile: what it is and how it works

At the moment, the work profile is provided only for Android Enterprise accounts, i.e. for Google's corporate accounts. Users who are part of it can separate their work apps and data from their personal data by creating a dedicated profile to keep these two aspects of their lives separate.

The feature is available for devices running Android 5.0 and higher. To check if your device has a work profile, simply go to Settings > Accounts and if the Work entry appears, then it can be configured.

When the work profile is active, apps that are being used can run and generate notifications that are shown alongside those of the personal app. However, if this is paused, you will only receive personal notifications, eliminating the stress of calls and emails outside the office.

Android work profile: what it will look like

In the picture published by Google in its official blog post, you can clearly see what the work profile screen for Android users could look like. In the list of available apps, you will be able to choose between your personal account or Work with a simple tap. Moreover, the Work apps are easily recognizable by the accompanying briefcase logo. When the work profile is deactivated, these will no longer send notifications.

Android work profile: for incoming

If even before the Covid-19 pandemic dividing the private and work dimensions was complicated, now with the rise of smart working this has become a real necessity to draw defined boundaries. For this reason, Google has announced that it intends to extend the work profile to all other Google Workspace users as well.

This way, anyone using an Android device with a business account will have the ability to reclaim their free time, pausing unwanted notifications in just a few taps. The new feature is designed to help entrepreneurs and freelancers find their balance as well.