Google Yeti, the console that will challenge PlayStation and Xbox

The Google Yeti console is preparing to conquer the video game market, giving PlayStation and Xbox a run for their money. Here's how it will work

Google is ready to enter the gaming world with a new console. This is what leaks in recent days from the Mountain View company. Big G has given appointment to the Game Developers Conference 2019 for March 19, a conference dedicated to video game developers. A teaser has also appeared on YouTube in which Google announces big news for the world of gaming and the reference should be precisely to Google Yeti (name of the console).

From the presentation teaser, it is not yet clear whether it is a system for streaming gaming or a dedicated hardware. Certainly Google is aiming at two factors: interactivity and great visual impact. With these assumptions, the new console could really revolutionize the video game market. There are many rumors and indiscretions around Google Yeti and its interactive controller. And maybe that's why the major video game companies, including Ubisoft, Crystal Dinamics and ID Software, have already confirmed their participation in the official event on March 19.

Google Yeti: console or streaming service?

Rumors around the Google Yeti console have been circulating since early 2018. At the time, there was speculation about the release of a new game streaming service signed by the Mountain View company. Others, however, were thinking about the release of a dedicated hardware.

So soon, some doubts unraveled: Google launched the Project Stream service in beta version to some users in the United States. The new technology was tested with Assassin's Creed Odyssey on Chrome. The experiment gave excellent results: it was possible to play the game using Google's browser. The project has undergone modifications and developments over time, and the results will only be officially revealed on March 19. Will Google present a console based on Project Stream or should we expect something more?

According to several sources, Google Yeti won't be limited to video games only. In fact, having games that run well on Google Chrome, why would the company release a simple console? Probably it has in mind a broader and more articulated project: able to satisfy pure gamers, but also those who have never approached this world, considered complex, niche.

Maybe, the console will be a sort of evolution of the Chromecast, designed to play online in an engaging and interactive way. To achieve this, Google Yeti should be easy to use, thus able to conquer a heterogeneous audience. It will allow you to play even the most complex video games (hence the collaboration with Ubisoft and others). It will be small and will be able to be moved from one point to another of the room: you can place it quietly next to the TV or computer as needed.

To stimulate a fast spread and rout competing consoles, Google Yeti will be low cost. It will surely run on the Android OS operating system and will have a limited internal memory in order to give space to streaming games by creating a profile on Google Play. Without any doubt, the videogames will be characterized by spectacular graphics, and the user will be able to interact with them even when the game is paused, thanks to a last generation controller.

How will be the controller of Google Yeti?

These days, is circulating the rendering of the controller designed by Google. According to the leaked information, it will not only work during the game, but will also interact with the user during breaks. Through a system of notifications, it will warn the gamer of everything that happens in his absence: new records, updates, messages via chat or invitations to play. In short, the controller will be the true hallmark of Google Yeti.