Grabit, the robot that will assemble your next sneakers

Nike has partnered with the company Grabit to put robots that run on static electricity into its factories

After Adidas, Nike is also keen to take advantage of new technologies to make its sneakers. To produce the next sneakers of the U.S. company could be the robot Grabit. These are special androids that work with static electricity.

Grabit is a company that in recent times has been working on the development of machines that exploit electrostatic energy. Yes more or less the same force that allows the balloon to stay attached to the sweater after we rub it on the jeans. Nike formed a partnership with Grabit three years ago, but only recently have static electricity robots been placed inside the factories of the famous sportswear brand. But what will Grabit's machines produce for Nike? Simple, sneaker uppers. And they will do it in the most efficient way possible compared to the recent past.

How does it work

What actions does this static electricity robot perform specifically? First, through its software it decides what is the best way to make the upper. Then it illuminates parts of a glass work table. Following the light trails, the employee inserts the product into the machine to make the upper. An electrostatically powered arm reaches down and picks up the material while cameras check to make sure everything is going well. At this point, the upper is applied to the rest of the shoe inside a thermal press. This process takes a minimum of 50 seconds and a maximum of 75. It would take a human employee 10 to 20 minutes to do the same job. Nike said it will equip its factories with a dozen Grabit robots by the end of 2017.