Graphene batteries are ready: how they will change smartphones

Will graphene batteries soon replace lithium-ion batteries? Find out now what the next smartphones will look like and all the benefits for users

What is the most important component of a smartphone? There are those who would say the photographic compartment, those who would say the memory or the speed and then there are the experts and the most attentive who would admit, without a shadow of a doubt, that the most important element is the battery. And it is precisely on this component that the market is betting particularly.

The telephony sector in recent years has made enormous progress with regard to the power of smartphones, while the evolution of batteries is slow and articulated. Even today, the most popular batteries are lithium-ion and fast-charging, but many manufacturers would like to replace the current batteries as soon as possible with graphene batteries, which are smaller and more powerful. The company Real Graphene is among the most active in the sector. It would seem that this American company wants to launch the first graphene batteries by the end of the year.

Graphene batteries: what's new in the industry

Battery life is one of the most important elements when choosing a new smartphone. For this reason, companies in the industry are increasingly focused on finding high-performance, long-lasting solutions that take up little space inside the device. Graphene batteries are among the most highly rated of the moment, but until now no company had ever announced an upcoming launch.

Real Graphene, a US-based company has announced in recent days the release of its new smartphone power supply consisting of graphene-enhanced cells. Samuel Gong, CEO of the company during an interview talked about the advantages of the innovative component.

What are the advantages of graphene battery?

Among the major qualities of the components stands out the charging speed. In fact, the average charge cycle of any lithium-ion battery is around 90 minutes, while 3,000 mAh graphene batteries require 20 minutes on a 60 W charge. Real Graphene's CEO also pointed out that while a normal smartphone battery can handle up to 500 charge cycles, those developed by his company last up to 1,500 cycles. This is because the heat produced by graphene cells is significantly lower than that emanating from lithium-ion, as a result, the voltage does not produce a high level of stress and this also makes this solution safer.

When will the new graphene battery be released?

The battery conceived by the American company would be ready to be launched on the market, however, agreements with major smartphone manufacturers have not yet been concluded. It is not yet known when this will be integrated into mobile devices from Apple, Samsung, Huawei and other similar brands. While waiting for the batteries, you can already buy the first graphene power banks on Amazon.