Gremlins, CIA spy systems unveiled by Wikileaks

WikiLeaks released two documents where CIA-generated malware inspired by the famous movie saga

The Gremlins, the famous movie characters of the saga between horror and fantasy, really like everyone. According to WikiLeaks documents, the CIA likes them too. The U.S. intelligence has created malware inspired by the famous monsters.

It may seem like a funny news, but surely the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) will not have taken the leak well, since the themes reported in the documents were to remain secret at least until 2035. However, the intelligence had not reckoned with Julian Assange and the "Vault 7" files. In the recently released documents there are the manuals of two particular softwares: Assassin and After Midnight. The name of the latter is reminiscent of the Gremlins saga, because after midnight you should not feed the little monsters in order to avoid unpleasantness.

The two malware

It is almost impossible for an inexperienced person to understand the content of the two manuals. However, they are particular malware made to target Windows operating systems. Assassin is a virus that, once infected the victim's PC, steals all data and sends it to the CIA servers. After Midnight, on the other hand, runs "Gremlins", which are small programs capable of sabotage operations against the infected machine. The CIA does not explain in detail the capabilities, but it is clear from the information that these programs can completely paralyze the browser of a computer or block PowerPoint in just 10 minutes. For those who are worried, it must be said that the manuals published by WikiLeaks cannot help hackers recreate the malware in question, as it is not explained how they were made. As it turns out in the final part of the document, both malwares have the ability to hide and therefore escape the control of normal antivirus software.