Grey’s Anatomy 18: a character returns from the past

A character returns from the past to make Meredith's heart beat in season 18 of Grey's Anatomy: who is Dr. Nick Marsh

The medical drama Grey's Anatomy 18 is back on the air with new episodes and especially new characters in the cast. One in particular, however, is an old acquaintance of Dr. Meredith Grey, and will most likely become a regular presence in the TV series.

In the eighteenth season of one of the most beloved and long-running TV series ever, in fact, an old acquaintance of Meredith, played by Ellen Pompeo, returns. He is the transplant surgeon Nick Marsh, played by Scott Speedman, and to whom Meredith had saved his life in season 14. Between the two of them there was an immediate chemistry, so that fans hoped he would become one of the new protagonists. The actor, however, was not back in season 15 and to great surprise the showrunners of Grey's Anatomy reintroduce him in the episodes of season 18 and this time it is a certainty: Dr. Nick is back to stay and there will be new developments and twists.

Grey's Anatomy 18: who is Dr. Nick

The most passionate fans surely can't have forgotten about Dr. Nick Marsh, the transplant surgeon who arrived from Minnesota to Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital during the 14th season of the medical drama. The doctor, played by Scott Speedman, fell ill during the operation and his life was saved by Dr. Grey, who operated on him urgently.

Between the two doctors the feeling was remarkable, so much so that Marsh was able to move in Meredith emotions that she had not felt for a long time. She herself admits that she had only felt those emotions for Derek, her late husband played by Patrick Dempsey. Then, however, Dr. Marsh returned to Minnesota.

Grey's Anatomy 18: The Return of Dr. Nick

The paths of Meredith Grey and Nick Marsh cross again in the first episode of season 18 that aired on September 30 on the ABC network. During a trip to Minnesota to inaugurate a library dedicated to her mother Ellis Grey at the invitation of neurosurgeon David Hamilton, played by recurring guest star Peter Gallagher, Meredith meets Nick again and the chemistry between the two is always top notch. In short, this time Dr. Nick Marsh is back to stay.

Grey's Anatomy 18: what will happen

To confirm the entry of Scott Speedman in the cast as Nick Marsh is the showrunner Krista Vernoff, who pointed out that the actor will be among the protagonists of the serei. In the next episodes of season 18 we will see again the events of Meredith, between hospital, family and love, and this time also a new protagonist to manage. And the love triangle between Meredith, Nick and Dr. Cormac Hayes, Cristina Yang's "gift" to her friend played by actor Richard Flood.

Among the big returns announced by Vernoff is Addison Montgomery, played by Kate Walsh. Derek's ex-wife may return to Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital, but it's not yet clear how or when she will arrive during the season.