GTA 5 down today, what’s going on

Since 12:00 noon on May 16, 2020 GTA V is not working and not allowing users to access the online servers. Here's what is accessing

Update May 17

After yesterday's problems, GTA V has problems today (May 17) as well. Many users since 12:00 are unable to access the game, when you try to enter, an error message appears on the screen. Most likely the servers are still under stress.

At 16:00, the problems have not yet been resolved.

Original article

Many users are experiencing problems with GTA 5, the Rockstar Games videogame that has broken dozens of records for number of sales. Since today at 12:00 on May 16, the servers of GTA V are partially offline: those who try to log in with their credentials receive an error message: "at the moment Rockstar services are not available". What is the reason for this problem? Most likely the fault is the company's servers that have been overloaded in recent days, after Epic Games has made the game free on its online store.

For the moment we do not know what happened exactly, nor when the problem will be solved. The hope is that it will happen as soon as possible: it is now several hours that players can not access the online servers of GTA V. Surely the technicians are already working to solve the situation.

Why GTA V is not working today

This week GTA V has come under the eye of the storm: the video game has been made free for all on the Epic Games store and thousands of people have downloaded and installed it. Even the Epic Games website had problems, so much so that on Thursday it was inaccessible for several hours. The same problems that is experiencing GTA V in this hour: the servers are inaccessible for many users and you can not access. On are hundreds of reports of users who can not play because GTA V is down. We will continue to monitor the situation and keep you informed.