GTA VI, when it comes out and the first anticipations

On Reddit have been published many anticipations about GTA VI. It will come out along with the PS5 and Xbox Scarlett and will trace the story of a drug kingpin

Rumors and rumors about the upcoming release of Grand Theft Auto VI, the new chapter of one of the most successful video game series of recent years, are multiplying on the network. The anticipations have been published on Resetera and Reddit, two very reliable platforms, and have revealed the protagonists of GTA VI and, above all, the release date.

The new chapter in the saga GTA, strong of the success of the previous title, should be available only for the last-generation consoles Sony PS5 and Xbox Scarlett and, apparently, will be set between the seventies and eighties with a plot that winks at Narcos, the famous TV series produced by Netflix, but from the point of view of gameplay is inspired by the philosophy of Read Dead Redemption 2.

Who will be the protagonists of GTA VI

The revelations come from fairly reliable forums such as Resetera and Reddit and would report statements made unofficially by an employee of Rockstar, the software house that is developing the game. GTA 6, codenamed Project Americas, would see as the protagonist Ricardo intent to climb the slope of the underworld: from the gavetta as a simple drug mule to become a boss of the drug trade worldwide. They also leaked two other characters: the unknown Kacey and the already known Martin Mandrazo seen in GTA 5 and GTA Online.

Where will be set GTA VI

The setting should cover some areas of North and South America. The action should take place in Vice City, while another section would feature a city inspired by Rio de Janeiro. There should also be sections with Liberty City along with a Cuban-style setting.

According to rumors, the development of GTA VI would begin in 2012, a year before the announcement of GTA 5 with a break due to the launch of Red Dead Redemption 2 and would involve not only Rockstar North, but all the teams that revolve around the orbit of the famous studio.

The sixth episode of Grand Theft Auto will be divided into "Chapters" and atmospheric events, from rain to hurricanes, will play a key role. Not only that, but as the story unfolds over time, the buildings and vehicles will adapt to the passing years. In addition, many of the dialogues will be in the original language of the protagonists with ample space for subtitles.

When it comes out GTA VI

Bocchi cucite regarding the release date, although it could be one of the launch titles for PS5, whose launch is scheduled for the end of 2020.