Guide to connecting Alexa to your TV

Read this comprehensive guide on how to connect Alexa to your TV. Find out how to manage the device using voice commands without the need for a remote.

Having a voice assistant in the home is becoming a real trend, not least because of the conveniences this technological solution offers. But once purchased, how to connect Alexa to the TV? How to manage everything using voice commands as the Alexa device allows, without having to look for the remote control every time to change channels or turn up the volume.

Connecting Alexa to Smart TV

Modern Smart TVs often have systems that can integrate voice commands, which can interfere very easily with Alexa, so you can control the device to a large extent without the need to use a remote control. For this type of situation, figuring out how to connect Alexa to the TV is relatively simple: you'll just need to access the device's menu and select the appropriate item, or the Amazon Alexa app, if already installed.

You'll then need to sign in with the manufacturer's account and choose a name for the TV. Once registered, you must open the app on your smartphone, after obviously logging in with your Amazon account, then access the menu at the top left, open the section Skills and Games and search for the specific one for the manufacturer of the Smart TV.

Once you find the correct one, simply add the credentials of the manufacturer's account: this will enable voice commands to control the TV. You'll then be able to turn the device on and off, ask Alexa to change channels, turn on the source, and so on.

Connecting Alexa to a traditional TV

If you have a traditional TV instead, you'll just need to buy a Fire TV Stick, on which Alexa is already integrated by default. Alternatively, if you want to connect Alexa to your TV, you can opt for a universal controller: it's a device that is placed next to the TV and that is able to control the TV's functions.

Once it's configured and ready to access the home internet, through Wi-Fi, you'll have to use the manufacturer's profile to set it up. Then you just need to open the Alexa app on your phone and search the menu for the Skill related to the device, entering the login credentials: in this way Alexa can connect to the TV with ease.

How to connect Alexa to Samsung TV

Getting into the specifics of the individual brands, how to connect a Samsung TV to Alexa? The latest Samsung-branded Smart TVs are equipped with an official support dedicated just to Alexa, so to make the connection you just need to use the Samsung SmartThings Skill, and pair it with the voice assistant through the appropriate app on your electronic device.

How to connect Alexa to LG TV

The latest LG Smart TVs are equipped with a webOS 4.5 operating system, which is able to connect with Alexa, either through Echo devices, or through the remote pointer, which you will then use to configure the connection. This will allow you to connect Alexa to your TV with ease.

How to connect Alexa to Sony TV

More complex is to connect Alexa to Sony TV, even if it is voice-enabled. To set it up, you'll have to look at the appropriate app in the TV's menu and associate your Google account with it. You'll then have to name the TV, then from your smartphone you'll have to pair the Sony Android TV Skill and enable it by logging in with the Google account used on the TV.