Guide to recover permanently deleted files

Just one too many clicks, overthinking, the hurry, the phone ringing, the colleague interrupting you and the damage is done. You have deleted a file or a very important folder. Keep calm, there is a solution to everything and we offer you the solution. First of all you have to understand if the file or folder has been simply deleted, and therefore ended up in the recycle bin, or if it has been permanently deleted. In the first case, the recovery of the "deleted" is very simple but must be done promptly, do not wait for days because, especially in smartphones, the recycle bin is automatically emptied after about 20/30 days.

To perform this operation that technically is called "restore" simply bring the cursor to the icon of the recycle bin (the icon is generally present on the desktop so we are talking about PCs and tablets), open the recycle bin by clicking on the icon twice, locate the deleted document, place the cursor on the document and with the right mouse button open the dropdown in which the item "restore" will be present. Double click on "restore" and you will magically find your beloved document in the "documents" section .... and that's it. A sigh of relief is a must.

Much more complex is the operation of recovering a file in case, due to double distraction, you have deleted it permanently or it is no longer even in the recycle bin. Faced with such an eventuality in anyone the conviction is generated that that file or folder is now lost in the ether and will never be recovered. In reality, this is not the case, because even documents that have been deleted permanently by mistake are perfectly recoverable for both Windows and macOS. Here too, prompt action is essential because it is absolutely essential to prevent the portion of the disk where the deleted file was located from being overwritten by other data and, unfortunately, canceling the possibility of recovering the document. The file entry can no longer be viewed on the PC or via a command prompt, but it still physically exists on the hard disk.

The software that recovers the permanently deleted file

Once the file has been permanently deleted, it is necessary to use third-party software. This is necessary for both Windows and Mac. Data recovery software scans your hard drive, searches for the deleted file and recovers it.

Data Recovery Wizard

It is a very simple software, for Windows and Mac, very intuitive but very powerful in recovering deleted files; it works excellently in restoring files deleted from emptied trash, formatted or rendered inaccessible, from OS crashes and numerous other situations that, if occurred, can create very critical situations.

After installing Data Recovery Wizard, click the Scan button and the program will start scanning your computer. To facilitate the file recovery process, you can use the "filter" function directly after typing the file name into the search bar. And that's it.

Data Recovery Wizard is a powerful, reliable and fast software that not only recovers files but also restores photos, videos, voice files and many other files that, if lost, could cause extensive damage; it recovers data from hard drives, memory cards and even USB flash drives.

EaseUS Data Recovery Software

EaseUS is an excellent program for recovering permanently deleted documents whether they were lost due to deletion, malware infection, formatting or hard disk crash. With this software you will be able to restore all types of files: from Office documents to photos, videos, emails and more from hard drives and cameras directly, mobile devices, memory cards, USB sticks and other storage devices.

EaseUS is super easy to use, extremely intuitive with a very clear user interface that directs you to perform step by step all the steps for successful recovery of your lost files; the fast and thorough scanning, through the optimization process, ensures 100% error-free data recovery.

Recovery Robot Undelete

Simple, intuitive and very easy-to-use software that guides you through the process of recovering your lost files with speed; Recovery Robot Undelete is the perfect program to solve your problem and works perfectly with USB drives, hard drives, memory cards, cameras and other mobile devices.

Recovery is an exceptional software that, once installed on your PC, allows for extremely fast recovery of lost data. Like the best software for this purpose, Recovery restores deleted documents to a different location than the one where the data to be recovered is located, so you won't have to overwrite the data you want to restore.

Then the software scans your PC or drive by clicking the Scan button and offers the possibility to scan a single partition or the entire drive of both fixed and mobile devices such as SD cards and USB drives from which you need to restore the files in question.

After locating and saving the deleted files, i.e. after finishing the scan, the program allows you to preview the files it found in the tree structure of the partition or drive. At this point, thanks to the view the software gives you, you can decide which files you want to recover and, after selecting them with the left mouse button, click the save button.

Decide which path you want to save the selected files to and the magic is done! You can now happily see your lost files back on your fixed or mobile device. Recovery Robot Undelete recovers files, photos and videos deleted and emptied from the recycle bin, deleted using Shift+Delete, lost due to viruses or deleted by malware, deleted after incorrectly using Move or Cut command, deleted due to damaged or formatted hard disk or deleted due to other wrong actions.


Recuva is a Windows-specific software, in English language and available for free. After the free download, follow the step-by-step instructions that the software shows you until the download is complete. Now select the type of files you want to restore from Images, Emails, Music, Documents or simply select All Files, Next and then Start.

The software will start searching for deleted files and once you see the entire list you can find the file you are looking for. Be careful because this software will show you either a green or an orange icon next to each file: the green icon means that the file is restorable while the orange icon tells you that the file might be damaged or partial. If you see a red icon next to a file name, don't worry about it because it means that the file is damaged beyond repair and cannot be restored.

Recuva has one more invaluable feature: in case you don't find the file you're looking for, try restarting Recuva by selecting the Enable Deep Scan option that appears right after flagging the document type you want to recover. This is a time-consuming operation, especially in the case of very large drives, but it guarantees success in finding the lost document.

Lazesoft Mac Data Recovery

Lazesoft Mac Data Recovery, as its name suggests, is a software designed specifically for Mac, is free and exceptional for recovering permanently deleted files. It is very easy to use and guarantees excellent results, provided that the file in question has not been overwritten after its deletion.

In this case, as already mentioned in this article, it will be impossible to recover it. If you want to try Lazesoft, you have to do the free download after finding its web page. Once the download is complete, launch the program by clicking on the icon added to the launchpad, enter your OS X password and click OK.

As soon as the program window is visible, click Undelete and select the item related to the disk from which you want to recover the file; in this case, being a purely Mac program, you'll have to click MacintoshHD to "open" the hard drive of your Mac. Start the scan by clicking Finish and wait for the program to scan the entire disk, which will last depending on the size of the disk itself.

Finally, open the Lost File Results folder and select the type of file you want to restore, place a check mark next to the file of your interest and click the Save Files button and then choose the folder where you want to save it. Files, photos, songs, videos, e-mails and voices will never be lost irreparably if you are fast and equipped with the right software.

This short article, devoid of technical terminology that after three lines would send any neophyte into a panic, shows you those programs that will easily help you to remedy a damage that, in the imminence of the event, would destabilize anyone: the loss of an important document, a photo memory, a voice of your family or a video of your children....Keep calm, follow our advice and your most beautiful smile will be reflected on your PC screen in a few minutes.