Halloween 2020: movies to watch in streaming suitable for kids and teens

Halloween 2020 is coming and the main streaming services have a rich offer of movies and TV series with a horror theme, but not too much: here are the best titles and where to see them

The scariest night of the year is approaching and many parents are organizing special evenings dedicated to their children and teens. Halloween 2020 will in fact be different from the others: because of the risks related to the virus it is not recommended to follow the traditional walk through the streets of the city, knocking on doors and asking "Trick or treat?". So what alternatives are there?

The idea is to spend a fun evening with the family, without sacrificing the horror masks and delicious delicacies, and watch all together a good movie about Halloween suitable for children and teens. In these weeks Netflix, Prime Video, Disney + and other platforms are gradually releasing many themed films: they are scary but not excessively so that everyone can watch them without risking nightmares at night. Because it is still a day dedicated to horror and fear, but it is also an opportunity to have fun without trauma. So let's see what are the Halloween movies to watch streaming on Netflix and Disney +.

Films about Halloween for kids on Disney +

Disney + on the occasion of October 31, 2020 has prepared a rich collection of films and documentaries suitable for the whole family: it is called Hallowstream and combines features of all types and genres.

Those who love cult films will be spoilt for choice: they will be able to watch Hocus Pocus, but also Halloweentown and some famous films directed by Tim Burton, such as The Nightmare Before Christmas and Frankenweenie.

Those who love musicals for kids will enjoy watching Zombies and Zombies 2, a musical film divided into two parts and set in an American high school, attended not only by humans but also by young zombies.

Of course, the choice is vast, because the platform collects content from Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars and National Geographic. To choose the show you want to watch just log into the app and go to the Home Page. Here we find the new section "Halloween movies": selecting it will open a collection full of fun and, of course, with a touch of thrill.

Halloween movies for kids on Netflix

Netflix has done things big: on the platform already since the beginning of October you can watch many original titles for Halloween 2020. Among the novelties we find Guide for Babysitters Hunting Monsters that tells the story of Kelly, a girl who discovers the existence of a secret society of babysitters who kidnap the child that the young woman had in custody.

She and her group of friends decide precisely on Halloween night to fight against these dark forces, including the boogeyman and the witch Peggy Drood. This is a rich story capable of keeping kids in suspense without the risk of scaring them too much.

An even lighter and funnier original film is Hubie Hallowen, which features actor Adam Sandler in the role of both lead and producer. The story is set in the small town of Salem, where the tradition of October 31 is deeply felt. Here also lives Hubie along with his mother.

The boy unfortunately is the laughingstock of the town but just this year something mysterious threatens the population and it will be him who will strive to discover the arcane. The film also deals with the issue of bullying and is therefore a useful food for thought as well as a source of laughter and fun.

The third film released just in the last month and perfect for Halloween is Vampires vs the Bronx. The story is centered on three boys from the Bronx who discover that their neighborhood is endangered by a new organization of vampires: they will have to fight to win the trust of the adults who do not believe their words.

These are the unreleased films that just in occasion of Halloween 2020 you can watch on the streaming platform, but even in this case the collection is really rich in titles.

Naturally, each platform, including Amazon Prime Video, Infinity, Tim Vision and others have in store many novelties to entertain the audience on October 31. The advice is to choose in advance what to watch so you don't get caught unprepared and plan the perfect family night out!