Halo TV series: here’s who plays Master Chief

The videogame Halo becomes a live-action TV series and the trailer reveals the main character: who plays Master Chief

A new live-action TV series will bring the adventures of the videogame Halo to screens and streaming. After three and a half years since the series was ordered, the teaser trailer was finally unveiled during Xbox's 20th anniversary celebration event.

The Halo universe, which first appeared in 2001 on the Xbox console exclusively, is taking shape and also coming to streaming on Paramount+'s video service. The platform has released the first images of the live-action adaptation of the video game, which is one of the most beloved sci-fi titles among fans. The protagonist is Master Chief, a fighter who is the only hope for the inhabitants of the 26th century to save humanity, which has been put at risk by the Covenants. Now the trailer finally reveals the identity of the actor who will play the role of Master Chief and fans can not wait to follow the adventures on the small screen.

Halo: the plot of the TV series

The live-action series of Halo is set in the science fiction universe of the eponymous video game. We are in the XXVI century and the human race is about to be annihilated by the Covenant, an alliance of several alien and dangerous races.

The only hope of salvation for humanity is the descent into the field of a Spartan-II type soldier called John-117, for all Master Chief. At his side we will find Dr. Catherine Halsey, brilliant scientist and creator of the Spartan supersoldiers with Master Chief, supersoldier Soren-066, who will be pitted against old friend Master Chief and former military masters, Admiral Margaret Parangosky and the most advanced artificial intelligence in history Cortana.

There are also characters created specifically for the series: childhood enlisted supersoldier Vannak-134, who is mater Chief's replacement; supersoldier and lethal war machine Riz-028; curious and loyal new supersoldier Kai-125; and 16-year-old Kwan Ha, originally from the Outer Colonies, who is a key role in the relationship with the protagonist.

Halo: the cast of the TV series

The series was directed by Otto Bathurst, former director of Black Mirror, while in the role of mater Chief we find Pablo Schreiber, the star of American Gods. To reveal the face of the protagonist was the trailer, which shows the actor wearing the armor of Master Chief.

In the role of Dr. Halsey is the actress Natascha McElhone, while Bookem Woodbine is Soren-066. Shabana Amzin is Admiral Parangosky and Cortana's voice is by actress Jen Taylor, who also voices her in the video game.

The new characters for the live-action series will be played by Bentley Kalu, Natasha Culzac, Kate Kennedy and Yerin Ha.

Halo: where to watch the TV series

The Halo TV series will consist of 10 episodes and will arrive streaming on Paramonunt+'s platform in 2022.