HandJet, the manual printer that prints on wood, concrete and metal

The company EBS has created a mobile printer, called HandJet, that allows you to make logos and writings on any material and even on curved surfaces

Imagine having in your hands a small printer, similar to the "guns" used in supermarkets to insert the price label, that is able to make writings and logos instantly on almost any surface. There is no need to squeeze your brains too much because this innovative printer is already a reality.

The printer in question is called HandJet, from the company EBS. It's basically a mobile printer that is very easy to transport and use in offices and construction sites. It's the fastest way to identify packages and boxes inside a warehouse. But it can also print on metal bins, concrete pipes and various wooden materials. HandJet also works on plastic and fabric products and has no problem working on non-flat surfaces. In fact, the mobile printer can even write on curved elements or in the corners of objects. The printer user is helped to follow a correct line thanks to a laser pointer.

There is also the LCD screen

To choose the printing options, and write the text or logo to be made, the HandJet mobile printer also has an LCD screen in its central part. Of course, it is a touchscreen that the worker can use for easy adjustments. The lettering and figures can be saved so you don't have to be in case you need to do a similar job in the future. With HandJet, you can also print QR codes and barcodes. But also graphic symbols that can indicate a particular danger (fragile, explosive, etc.) on various packages for shipping. Lines and signs that are not present by default can be programmed via computer and then entered into the mobile printer. Next to the printheads the HandJet has two wheels, so it's easier for workers to glide over surfaces.