Here are the five steps to take to disappear from the Internet

From the removal of social profiles and posts, up to the closure of accounts on e-commerce and email accounts, all the steps to leave the web

Have you decided to say goodbye to the digital world to return to the analog one? To disappear from the internet is practically impossible but there are some steps that limit the circulation of our data within the network. Even if abandoning the online means going in the opposite direction of the world.

The first steps to take to abandon the internet. Let's see in five steps how to cancel our presence on the net. Let's start with social networks. Almost all of us have a profile on the most fashionable ones like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram. Pay attention also to Google+ and especially to those social networks you tried and then abandoned, or those you used a long time ago. Do you remember MySpace? Pensiamo poi agli account sui siti di e-commerce, Amazon su tutti, dove abbiamo magari anche un conto registrato. Oppure ai servizi personali che abbiamo usato su Expedia o, per fare un esempio. Generalmente cancellare i profili è semplice.

La rimozione dai siti che raccolgono dati

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Come cancellarsi da internet

In Italia non sono presenti in maniera massiccia, mentre negli Stati Uniti diversi siti vengono utilizzati per raccogliere dati sulle persone, in modo da essere poi rintracciate con facilità o vendere tali dati ad aziende terze.  Servizi come Spokeo o PeopleFinder, o più specifici come Crunchbase, dedicato alle persone impegnate nel mondo delle startup. Ora, cancellare il vostro nome da ogni sito con queste finalità può essere una grossa seccatura. Che comporta anche documenti da inviare via fax e chiamate. There are services like DeleteMe and that for about $130 per year do this chore for you, and check to make sure your data isn't re-entered after a certain period.

Remove data directly from websites

We then check our mobile carriers to see if our data is on the network. If they are, we can request to delete them. If on some forum or web site we have written posts or comments that now embarrass us we have to contact the webmaster. To find him often it is enough to go in the section "About us" or "Contacts" of a site. Be careful how we pose, theoretically they are not forced to accept our requests.

Removal by search engines

If the webmaster refuses to delete our post or some of our data we can turn directly to the search engines. Google for example offers the possibility of not indexing the url with the content that embarrasses us. This will not eliminate our presence but will make it very difficult to find it.

Remove social accounts

Deleting an account on social networks can be easy as well as complex. It depends on the type of platform. It should also be considered that after deleting our account all our data will not disappear immediately, because if theoretically after some time we decide to re-enter the network we could find our old conversations again. To disappear from the internet is a slow process, that requires many days. To eliminate every trace of us, as said, will be almost impossible, to avoid to be traced with ease instead it's enough to follow these brief advices and to arm ourselves of patience.